Robot Plan View

The cleaning system consists of a computer controlled robot and a high pressure pump with a 3-D cleaning head. The robot can position the 3-D cleaning head on the tank center line at any position along its length allowing effective cleaning of difficult to remove commodities from the entire interior surface. The robot is designed for remote operation inside the tank car so that entry of personnel is not required at any stage of the operation including insertion and removal of the robot. The robot can pass around obstructions within the tank such as eduction pipe, valve rods, and discharge pipe guides.

The robot is designed to clean rail tank cars of any length ranging from 90 to 120 inches in diameter. The robot can pass through manways as small as 18 inches diameter and sets up remotely once inside the tank. The robot is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum weighing approximately 280 pounds with the cleaning head. An operator remotely controls the movement of the robot between each cleaning position and when necessary steers the robot around obstructions while the computer maintains the vertical stability of the robot.

Robot Rear View

Robot passing thru manway

Robot hanging ready for insertion

Robot Side View

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