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The hydroblast system consists of a computer controlled robot, an ultra-high pressure pump, and a pneumatic vacuum conveyance system.

The robot is designed to strip tanker trucks of any length ranging from 56 to 66 inches in diameter. The robot can pass through manways as small as 18 inches diameter. The robot is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum weighing approximately 450 pounds. The system is fully automated requiring no operator input during the hydroblasting operation.

The robot controls the positioning and movement of an ultra-high pressure spinning nozzle to cut lining material and adhesive from the interior tank walls leaving a bare steel surface. Nozzle movement is computer controlled to maintain the maximum cutting rate achievable by the nozzle with the spray water volume and pressure supplied. The cut particles and spray water are lifted from the tank car by a pneumatic vacuum system and are deposited into a drainage bag. The solid materials are captured within the bag and the water is discharged free of suspended solids.

A 6,000 gallon tanker truck is typically stripped in 3.2 hours of hydroblasting using 10 gpm at 38 kpsi. The captured solids are bagged, drained, and ready for hauling when hydroblasting is complete. The typical tanker truck has a turnaround time of 4.5 hours for the entire process using 2,700 gallons of water and 850 kWh of energy.

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